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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Quantum Reality - worlds within worlds. Solipsism.

It is still amazing that quantum theory still presents such problems in terms of classical (real world) interpretation. Nobody really understands what it is all about yet it works!

The mathematical formalisms (which only exist in 'things' like Hilbert Space or phase space - all multidimensional and defined over complex numbers) are our best ways of describing the quantum world. Unfortunately there is no ready translation of this esoteric language into everyday vernacular. The two worlds exist in splendid isolation.

To enter the quantum world you have to become conversant in high level mathematics. There is no easy way in other than the hard slog. The curious thing is that as more becomes revealed the less you are able to communicate the revelation to ordinary souls. That is the quantum conundrum! You can only converse with the initiated and even then you and they have limited and even solipsistic understanding of it all.

After a trip into the quantum world re-entry to the classical world entails a reorganization of the modes of thought. Quantum ways are not just jettisoned but must be unlearned. This is because the two worlds are complementary in Bohr's Copenhagen Interpretation sense. When you look at the quantum world you force your thought processes into quantum thinking. You have to use a microscope to see the very small - no point in using a telescope. Our eyes unaided can only see the classical world. Our brains, unaided, are likewise restricted to the everyday world. It has taken thousands of years for our brains to gather up enough insight to finally see beyond the everyday. The mechanism unfortunately is the mathematical formalism. Each brain must grapple with acquiring this skill and in so doing each brain develops its own interpretation of a resulting ontology.

Quantum worlds within worlds.....

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