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Sunday, December 27, 2009


There are similarities between a line as a sequence of points and movement of an object as a succession of positions. A line is a space transformation whereas a moving object is called a time transformation defining the concept of time. Yet we can view the three dimensional object as being just a point (taking a point of view sufficiently distant) and the movement appears as just a space transformation.

Time and space are equivalent when the correct view is taken. When we view objects at great distance we see them as moving in space when in effect they are moving in time. The views of distant galaxies are events of time yet we see them in ordinary space.

When we look at the quantum scale the opposite occurs - what are events in space appear as event in time. Energy the prime concept of all science is seen as a frequency - as something intricately linked to time.

The funny thing is that this fourth dimension that we call time is really a space dimension but one that is so small that it is not appreciable to us but manifests as time. What's more there may be an infinity of such rolled up infinitesimal dimensions each labeling a time. Time may be a property of matter that heretofore we thought was singular.

Life may be more complex than we ever imagined!!

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