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Friday, January 1, 2010


2 am left the Bulman bar and walked up the road from Summercove to Kinsale. It was a clear moonlit night and the air temperature was below zero but the air was completely still on this the first few hours of 2010.
After walking for some minutes I noticed something in the sky and looked up. What I saw was beyond belief. A bright orange globule shape was moving at a fast constant velocity across the sky. It was oval in shape and was about a third of the size of the moon. It made no noise but moved across the sky at a constant height and as it passed away in the distance after maybe three or four seconds it became a small star like white speck and then disappeared.
My wife who was with me saw it all too. As it almost disappeared I gestured to a passing couple to look and they too saw the speck.
I spent some time today checking the internet to see if there were any other reports of strange sightings but there were none.
I am one of the most skeptical of people and am not one to embrace the non-normal but this was weird in the extreme.
The UFO sites on the internet are mainly of dubious quality or just plain loony and not for a moment would I want to be associated with such stuff. Yet the experience forces me to report same in some form and to try and understand the source or origin of the object.
A possible explanation could be a meteorite entering the atmosphere at a very low angle of approach causing it to heat up and glow. The fact that it didn't descend to the horizon and turned white as it got smaller may mean that it passed through our atmosphere and escaped again to space - a near miss event??
I am still trying to seek explanations.

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  1. I saw something similar one night and was desperate to alert someone to it to 'share' but there was no-one around.So convinced of it was I that I was sure loads of people would have reported the sighting, but phone calls to observatories and even Dublin airport the next day were fruitless.At east you had someone with you to prove you weren't hallucinating !